2018 Winter Beerfest

Winter Beerfest 2018 has came and went already. If you followed us through last year's tour and know all the bad luck we endured, we're glad to say this year was smooth sailing! Philadelphia, Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, and finally Pittsburgh.. our home. It's always a pleasure to end this massive tour in our backyard and to top it off, the biggest Beerfest event. Pittsburgh, you are so damn beautiful! With all of these vendors and different groups taking part in these events, it's all about friends and family, beer, music, and love. Thank you for all the wonderful memories we made this year and we'll see you again soon! You can catch us this summer at the Cleveland and Columbus Summer Beerfest. Check our calendar for all other upcoming events!

Photos by Chris Bowman Photography, Nick Prezioso, and Digital Noise Graphics

Frank Vilsack